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Who we are

ArtGenomics is a fine art research consultancy specialising in digital imaging, technical analysis, and provenance research. We also offer independent valuation, purchase, and sales advice.

Who our clients are

Our services are open to anyone who owns a work of art about which they would like to learn more. Most often, AG’s services are commissioned for the purposes of sale, acquisition, valuation, or personal research. Our clients range from first time art buyers and individuals who have inherited artworks, all the way to lifelong collectors and art specific professional service firms. Individuals looking to buy, sell, value, or research a work of art may benefit from any or all of our services and we are happy to advise on how best to meet the specific needs of each client.

Why ArtGenomics?

  • Your art stays where it’s most safe.
  • Client privacy and confidentiality are fundamental to all of the services offered.
  • On site imaging and non-invasive analysis mitigate the risk of damage to your artworks.
  • Our services are of exceptional quality, competitively priced, and results are produced quickly.
  • Valuation, purchase, and sales advice is detailed and fully independent.

A better way

Detailed art imaging, research and analysis can take years of expensive and time consuming consultation before any useful results are realised. This process requires extensive negotiation, transportation, insurance, and service costs, often produced via a disparate and discordant selection of public and private sector professionals. Frequently, results are not as desired and owners are left with an expensive bill and the headache of a tiresome and costly experience. Furthermore, the safety of an artwork, along with client privacy, can be compromised when works are transported for analysis. ArtGenomics was founded to address all of these issues, while offering exceptional value for money and an unparalleled client experience. Art safety, client privacy and confidentiality, and professional discretion are fundamental to our service offering. This is ensured by our experienced and small owner operator team, along with our custom built portable imaging system.

Using a proprietary system carefully developed to maximize efficiency, ArtGenomics is able to provide museum quality in-situ technical analysis of paintings and drawings at a fraction of the average cost for comparable services.

The AG analysis system is able to detect the following:

  • Charcoal underdrawing.
  • Compositional changes, such as pentimenti.
  • Damage and retouching.
  • Pigment characteristics.

Further services include museum quality high resolution colour photography, as well as detailed provenance reports and  ownership dispute checks. All techniques, with the exception of dendrochronology, are non-invasive and non-destructive to the works of art under analysis. Dendrochronology often requires a mildly invasive preparation of the wood panel edging, necessary to ensure the most accurate analysis, however the paint surface itself is not touched.

Our Pledge:

ArtGenomics pledges to always put the interests of the client first, without compromising our professional rigour. We will explain all research results and advice in full to the party concerned. We will always perform an initial assessment of an artwork before proceeding further, and will only advise the purchase of those services we feel will be most informative and beneficial to the aims of the client.

Please contact for a full breakdown of the cost of each service and a personalised quote.


About the Founder

Andrew Quick

ArtGenomics (AG) was founded by Toronto based art historian and research consultant Andrew Quick after years of advising private collectors in the UK and Canada. During this time Andrew developed a strong interest in displaying art accurately in digital format, as well as in leveraging new technology to counterbalance the inherent biases of Connoisseurship. He has consulted on research reports by ArtTactic, Hiscox, and Deloitte looking into the growth and trends of buying and selling art online, and is responsible for the rediscovery and authentication of several important old master paintings, including works by Sir Thomas Lawrence, Anthony Van Dyck, and Sir David Wilkie. As a result, Andrew has established a set of analytical best practices for ArtGenomics which easily meet the expectations of today’s most demanding collectors. Andrew holds a BA in History from McGill University, and an MA in Art Business from Sotheby’s Institue of Art.